1.5 m

Approximately three thousand injured cyclists and four thousand traffic accidents involving cyclists and motorists a year – these are the numbers that some top athletes have decided to attack. "Let's respect each other. We want motorists to overtake cyclists 1.5 meters away,” says project initiator Roman Kreuziger, a multiple participant in the Tour de France. He is joined by Slovak cycling star Peter Sagan, motorcyclist Filip Salač, Olympians Petr Vakoč and Jaroslav Kulhavý, The Autoclub of the Czech Republic and the Czech traffic police. That 1.5 m is the appropriate safe distance is a conclusion of a number of scientific studies and as such it is enshrined in law in many European states. In Central Europe, it is currently a symbol of a more universal campaign for greater consideration on the road: “The risk of an accident affects everyone, whether you are training for the Tour or going to buy groceries to your local deli. Also, most cyclists are also motorists and vice versa,” Kreuziger explained. We are happy to join the initiative with a campaign graphics, which quite commonsensically use a warning color and an appearance of a ruler.


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