125 years of the Czech Philharmonic

In January 2021, 125 years passed since the first concert of the Czech Philharmonic conducted by Antonín Dvořák. The orchestra is now celebrating with a video by renowned director Martin Krejčí and a campaign with photographs by Václav Jirásek. (We connected everything and everyone, helped with the copy and added graphics.) The implosion of dozens of instruments, in which the body of the orchestra emerges from the chaos, reminds the viewers of the irreplaceable ability of music to unite. As stated in the press release, the fate of the Philharmonic was always "strongly affected by political events in the country (changes in chief conductors essentially copy changes in regimes) and it was a witness to important events in Czech modern history." Today's society, divided politically and fragmented by quarantine measures, will undoubtedly appreciate the role of the orchestra as a representative of a shared past and a creator with the potential for harmony. So happy birthday, stay well, & live long! 


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