51st Karlovy Vary IFF

The visual identity of the 51st IFFKV continues with the combination of typography and photographs of various festivalgoers that started with the last year’s 50th anniversary. We live at a time when very little happens without the presence of the camera, a lot happens just for the lens, and without documentation as if anything wasn’t even worth it. It is a norm to aim at oneself with a camera and we all became stylists of our very own media events: our joggings, our dog walks and our snacks. We want the deified celebrities to be lowered to our level, captured by the back door or while shopping, and we want us to be elevated to their status by taking a photo in the supermarket or in front of a red carpet backdrop at a festival. With the help of the elegant style of old paparazzi photos the visuals of the 51st IFFKV playfully ridicule the obsession with celebrities, selfies and showing off in general. As if they reserve the right not to show and remain scarce. The photos cover people associated with Karlovy Vary IFF, as well as selected personalities who do not need to expose themselves, but they certainly mean something. The authors of the identity, which nods to the aesthetic of 1960s and 1970s newspapers and magazines, are Zuzana Lednická, Aleš Najbrt, Michal Nanoru and Václav Jirásek.


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