52nd Karlovy Vary IFF

The last three years of KVIFF employ photographs of real and fictional festivalgoers and the 52nd identity continues to play with the relationships between celebrities and normal people. A year ago Zuzana Lednická, Aleš Najbrt, Michal Nanoru and photographer Václav Jirásek worked with covered faces and this year they followed up with the dream of being a movie star, even if only for a brief moment. While last year no one was recognizable, but glam was everywhere, this year they mostly combined ordinary environments with iconic faces of both Czech and international cinema. "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog," says an adage about virtual anonymity. "I is another," says Zuzana Lednická, but in reality, it was Arthur Rimbaud. "Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich ..." say John Malkovich's heads in John Malkovich's head to John Malkovich, who plays John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich. Everyone wants to be someone else. Everybody plays the theater. And more and more roles, not only on Facebook and Instagram but especially on the occasions that allow us to escape the everyday such as when going to the festival in Karlovy Vary. The identity game has never been easier (in this case, all you need is the consent of all of the portrayed stars!). Some want to be Belmondo or beautiful Jana Brejchová, some, these days unfortunately way too often, The Cremator. Famous actors in the movies borrow the identities of our infamous lives and give them the weight of their faces and bodies. We then project ourselves onto them. The actors play their lives in tabloids – actress Geislerová in bed with the festival’s president! – and our lives in film and we play at them. It comes full circle when Aňa Geislerová poses with the portrait of herself. Even Aňa Geislerová sometimes wants to be Aňa Geislerová.


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