Česká alzheimerovská společnost

The collages of everyday things in the center of the visual style create unusual situations, which, however, are far too common for many patients with Alzheimer's disease. Shattered world, in which links embraced decades ago and the connection with the larger society they provide ceased to exist, brings to mind the works of the interwar avant-gardes. And with them the thin line between creativity and disease, but also the aging and fading of once revolutionary concepts. The washed-out effect is supported by the use of only two colors that help the non-profit organization reduce the printing costs. The logo with “a”, meaning “and” in Czech, both a conjunction and the initial of the name of dr. Alois Alzheimer, makes for a sentence that the speaker starts, but suddenly loses his way with the words. It forms the basis for the slogan “Do not forget to...”, which is used at events such as The Week of Memory, The Unforgettable Evening or The Gerontology Days.


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