The Czech Philharmonic 2020/2021

The Czech Philharmonic unveils the program of the 125th anniversary via a press video with Aleš Najbrt presenting the new visual style in the twentieth minute. For the past five years, the building of its headquarters, the neo-renaissance Rudolfinum, was at the heart of the graphic communication of the Philharmonic. The concept of the next five years also counts on the architecture of the concert hall as a determining element of visual communication. Today, however, the orchestra plays the world's most prominent halls, and even in Prague it would be appropriate to appear on the stage corresponding to the level of today's technology and architecture. That’s how the vision of a new building for the 21st century became the key to the visual style of the 125th season. The plan for the following years therefore begins with a pencil and sketchbook. The visuals work with sketches by designers, students of architecture, but also with an existing location research by one of the most respected Czech architects Josef Pleskot. In addition to its rich visual possibilities, the concept hopes to accelerate public discussion and, potentially, jump-start the process leading towards the actual construction. Browse the 125th season catalogue here.


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