The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What are human rights? What are their historical roots? And what do they mean for a person in the 21st century? Fourteen Czech male and female writers were inspired by reading the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and created an original collection of thirty stories that uniquely reflect all thirty articles of this key document of the 20th century. The stories are followed by a short reflection on the future of not only human rights. The variety of texts is complemented by illustrations of thirty-one male and female illustrators which accompany the individual stories. The Declaration project also includes a set of interviews (podcasts) with the philosopher Daniel Kroupa who offers readers a deeper insight into human rights issues. In the final debate, together with him, Tomáš Sedláček and Klára Laurenčíková also reflect on the future of human rights. Readers can listen to all interviews after scanning individual QR codes in the book. The Czech version of the declaration was read by Monika Načeva. The book which is not only for adults offers the opportunity to look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from different perspectives and at the same time leads to reflection on what human rights mean for us. The book was published in cooperation with the Post Bellum organization.

  • Client: 65. pole
  • Designer: Zuzana Lednická
  • Cooperation: Andrej Novik (project author), Zuzana Noviková (project author), Zdeněk Trinkewitz (typesetting)
  • Font: Adapter
  • Type: Book

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