Download free Covid-19 pictograms

With our friends from Ambiente, we created a set of pictograms to illustrate the most important safety precautions for employees and customers at restaurants’ dispensing windows during the coronavirus emergency. They are freely available to everyone and range from the need for disinfection and wearing masks, to distancing and contactless payment, to prompting guests not to gather in front of businesses and take their food home. “Creating pictograms is normally difficult, but in this case, it was much more relaxed. Restaurants are not hospitals, so we gave the infographics a positive touch – the posters are colorful, bordering on illustrations and bring a sprinkle of fun to the theme. It started with a guy in a mask behind which you can see a smile and continued with a glove that resembles a Facebook like, or a quarantine order where wine is the main item,” says Jakub Spurný. Individual pictograms and whole posters in various sizes can be downloaded from BrandCloud, printed and glued on the door, in the kitchen or published on social networks. “Hopefully we have managed to at least slightly lighten up the difficult situation in gastronomy and promote a responsible approach,” concludes Spurný.