Lawrence comes to women lying on the floor, leans over them and offers them both hands. Laura and Magda grab him by the arms. Lawrence is pulling them up towards him. Magda and Laura try to get up, Lawrence pulls them with all his strength, but their hands slip out of Lawrence’s wet hands and Lawrence falls back on the chair, falls over and ends up on the floor, the chair rolling over him. Magda and Laura also fall to the ground. Silence.

Poster for a play named Drunk, by a Russian author – is there a bigger cliché imaginable? But even though the characters are fairly wasted the whole time, soaked, indeed, marinated in alcohol so much as they don’t see or walk straight and confuse their feet, tongues and partners, it is in fact a piece about love and light coming through the magnifying glass of a bottle. And through me now speaks God, because God always speaks through those who are drunk. And he wants to tell you that your boyfriend is screwing with you, as are we all.


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