Field Restaurant

Cooperation with ph5 architects led us in Field beyond the usual visual identity and website to the conception of windows, interventions in the interior, formulating the slogan, photographs and food styling and complete handling of promotional materials. "Most of the raw materials from which we cook grow in the field. When we can, we go and get them ourselves," says the guide to Field. And there’s what to be guided through – the kitchen of the chef Radek Kašpárek, the ever-changing ceiling by the painting prodigy Jakub Matuška aka Masker, or the instruments in the windows. Of those we think as artifacts – carefully selected and lit. Bit dangerous and perfect in their basic, generation after generation chiseled shape. A new fork from small Japanese brand, but the shape is the same for hundreds of years. The bare to the bone windows and graphics then both stand in contrast and complement the bucolic idyll of Masker’s ceiling, the blunt scythe constantly threatening to pierce the fluffy, detailed canopy of his drawings.


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