Garáž: Garáž? Na tu nemáš! 1981–1994

Garages, as the attics before them, in addition to housing vehicles and hosting improvised rehearsals, have long become a natural haven for family albums, biker jackets you will wear once you loose some weight one day and unthrowawayable cassettes recorded for you at a ski trip by the cabin leader. In the case of the Garáž it is actually a cellar. "Sometimes it is enough to meet Ivo Pospíšil in the cellar (which in itself requires some courage!), to discover a box with archive recordings – and the cover is ready!" explains Zuzana Lednická about the fragment from the packaging of an aged tape. The three LPs mapping the life of the band and its variable line-up (from version A to version K) including iconic posters by Joska Skalník and authentic collages by Ivo Pospíšil are published in numbered edition of 500 copies.


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