Jakub Janovský

Although the exhibition called The Concrete Garden refers to the famous novel The Cement Garden by the British writer Ian McEwan, it creates a completely different content which is an ironizing and melancholic reflection of childhood and adolescence in the specific environment of a panel housing estate which has an influence on the formation of the children's world in various layers of its manifestations.

The catalogue for the exhibition in the Alšova jihočeská galerie is divided into alternating sections presenting paintings, collages and enamels.

This dynamic is supported by various types of paper. Neon pink which Jakub Janovský often uses in his work is translated in the publication into the texts, the colour of the paper and also directly into the pictures.

  • Client: Alšova jihočeská galerie
  • Designer: Zuzana Lednická
  • Cooperation: Zdeněk Trinkewitz (typesetting), Jiří Veselka (photo), Tomáš Rasl (photo), Jakub Cabalka (application photography), wall-ink (wall print)
  • Font: Visual, Helvetica Now
  • Type: Poster, Catalogue, Interior, Exterior, Exhibition, Gallery

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