Čestr, the beloved Prague restaurant that had to temporarily close due to the renovation of its building, is now partially replaced by Kantýna, in many ways a grandiose place specializing in Czech beef and pork in Politických vězňů Street in Prague 1. The tension between the high and the low, between the former bank palace and the butchery (despite them being basically the same work), the majesty of the marble sacrificial altar in the Art Nouveau interior of the former Masonic mansion and the acknowledged stainless steel of the gastronomy equipment is reflected in the architecture of Rudolf Netík as well as design of our Bohumil Vašák and the forensic photographs of Dušan Tománek. Sophisticated art-deco patterns, elegant handkerchiefs, and decorative typeface reveal a simple basic structure – a bone. In that, they are close to a human – what looks dignified is in fact just a collection of flesh and bones. In this case, however, bones of bovine animals, with the right proportion of parts defined in cooperation with butchers. From the bone logo, we created a complete alphabet in collaboration with Marek Pistora, and the joints in the typeface became the only ornament in the otherwise grave graphic identity whose color follows Čestr and Naše Maso as well as the use of purple in the Catholic Church.

  • Client: Ambiente
  • Designer: Bohumil Vašák
  • Cooperation: Marek Pistora (typeface), Rudolf Netík (architecture), Petra Dočekalová (typeface), Dušan Tománek (photo)
  • Font: Custom
  • Type: Brand, Restaurant, Interior, Packaging

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