Konto Bariéry

A pioneer of modern charity work in the Czechoslovak universe, Charta 77 Foundation celebrates 35 years of existence in 2014 and its Konto Bariéry [Barriers Account], the oldest continuous foundation project in the Czech Republic, hails 20 years of supporting people with disabilities. We are happy that we could contribute a new visual style that matches their position (and rejects the pushy sentimental standard of the usual charitable presentations). The key to visual style of Petr Štěpán is a system linking many activities of Charter 77 Foundation with its logo, conserving the original square shape of the sign. Variations belonging to more than thirty organizations are connected by punctuation lines that represent barriers in the main, visual, yet textual, logo and by colors that – besides the Czech national colors – denote mainly typing, charter as a document as well as the general tradition of samizdat. In addition to the blue ink ribbons in typewriters and the symbolic red corrective, the Typewriter typeface further conveys the link.


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