Myšák shines!

Ambiente restaurants decided to build on the First Republic tradition and to serve classic Czech desserts, cakes, and cups in the restored café and pastry shop Myšák in Prague. When we got our hands on a historical photo of the windows of the legendary confectionery on Vodičkova Street close to the Wenceslas Square, it was clear to us that we would not create a brand new logo, but that we would try to use the neon sign that originally adorned the facade of the house. So Marek Pistora's logo is based on a handwritten inscription and refers to the interwar Czech typography. The colors inspired vanilla and chocolate, and the golden accent echoes the historical interior of the patisserie with the then fashionable Asian motifs. The café reconstructs many elements of the First Republic in both kitchen and design, from its glasses to Michal Bačák's ironic oriental painting, and we helped with putting the neon sign into the windows in its original shape. The pre-war Myšák made cakes for Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the first president of the new democratic state of Czechoslovakia, and we hope that the customer remembers over the sandwiches which of the values of the first republic are worth keeping or reinstalling.