No pictures at Karlovy Vary

Jiří Bartoška and Aleš Najbrt unveiled the official poster for the 51st International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. The authors of identity that continues to combine typography with photographs of various festival visitors are Zuzana Lednická, Aleš Najbrt, Michal Nanoru and Václav Jirásek. At a time when very little happens without the presence of the camera, a lot happens just because of it, and without it like anything wasn’t even worth it, the visuals use an elegant style of old paparazzi photos to the mock our obsession with celebrities, selfies and showing off in general. Like if the visuals are here to defend the right not to be shown and remain scarce. On the photographs hide people associated with KVIFF, as well as selected personalities who do not need to expose themselves, but they mean something.