North of Lednice Castle, in the beautiful Lednice-Valtice Complex and the largest park in the country, stands an obelisk informally known as Facka, a facer. It is surrounded by a five hundred hectare game-park with pheasants, hares, eagles and golden deer, and nowadays also by vineyards, both named after the obelisk. We have thus built the visual identity of the winery and the reserve on the dominant letter O. The endless circle, a natural contradiction to the straight line of stone erected two hundred years ago to commemorate the peace between France and Austria, mirrors the broad bottoms of Burgundy bottles in which the wine is preserved here, and reflects the rich tradition from Antiquity to the 700 years of functioning of the House of Liechtenstein in the region that inspires the domain’s contemporary owners. The pure, white gold color palette and the minimalism of the basic, but multifaceted shape, often decorated with metallic embossing on labels, respects this direction.

  • Client: Obelisk
  • Art director: Aleš Najbrt
  • Designer: Zuzana Lednická
  • Cooperation: Václav Jirásek (photo), Pato Safko (photography), Michael Dolejš (webdesign)
  • Font: Trivia Serif, Trivia Sans
  • Type: Book, Brand, Packaging, Web, Catalogue

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