Pozor doktor!

Zuzana Lednická grew up in the family of a surgeon and an internist, so high temperature did not excite anyone, the swimming training always healed the cold, and injections were often served in the kitchen with breakfast. In spite of this, and despite secretly scrolling through the books of war injuries and skin diseases, she retained the love of white coats and, with great joy and dedication, designed – and named – this book. She prepared all the titles and subtitles for the illustrator Nikola Logosová to redraw and the layout inspired by aged children's and medical encyclopedias, with alternating didactic and illustration pages, only waited to be wrapped in the imitation of leather on the cover.

  • Client: Běžíliška
  • Designer: Zuzana Lednická
  • Cooperation: Nikola Logosová (illustrations), Petr Svobodný (theme and text), Robin Král (poetry), Michal Šeba (photo)
  • Font: Pepi
  • Type: Book

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