PPF Annual Report 2013

Václav Jirásek took photos in the annual report of the financial and investment group for the year 2013 with the iconic Polaroid cameras, Big Shot and Land Camera 190. Big Shot was produced in 1971–1973 and became one of the most popular portrait cameras of its time. Andy Warhol made his celebrity screen-prints from photos made with the camera, but the name originally refers to family use, where each member of the household is an important "big shot". It also has to do with the fact that the photographer must dance or tiptoe around his subject – Big Shot has a fixed focal point so the photographer focuses by angling the camera and getting closer and further from the sitter. On the other hand, Land Camera 190 is one of the best-equipped Polaroids, aimed at professionals (produced in 1974–1977). But operating it requires no less skill and especially patience and open mind when waiting for the often-unpredictable original photos to develop. All this holds together a blue hardcover reminiscent of American high school yearbook, or facebook.


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