We have modified the visual style that we had designed for PPF thirteen years ago. The now monochromatic logo of the financial group gained on confidence and it looks more compact on various surfaces, especially photos. The visual style builds on the details of the logo and combinations with new complementary colors. We simplified and made more transparent the system of signs, printed materials and promotional materials. An important update is also the transition from The Sans to Apercu typefaces in the names of the companies. Young, at first glance classic sans serif alphabet has a fresh detail and very contemporary character. Tradition and history of the brand represent the letters "PPF" preserved in the logo in traditional typeface Sabon. Combined with Apercu this creates a dynamic combination of modern serif and sans serif typefaces. The first and most prominent application of a new visual style has already become a completely redesigned web site of the group.

  • Client: PPF
  • Designer: Martin Vácha, Aleš Najbrt
  • Cooperation: Breezy (web development), Václav Jirásek (photo)
  • Font: Apercu, Sabon
  • Type: Web, Brand

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