When I went through all photos taken during “Pupendo” production I found a picture showing actors Vilma Cibulková and Jaroslav Dušek standing in the shallow waters of the Balaton lake. They are some ten meters apart, so the photo was rather small. They are waiting, not acting. Dušek’s hands are uncertainly placed on his belly. His eyes are inquisitive, rather blank and resigned. A message to future generations! I cut out the figure in red bathing suit surrounded by the grey expanse of the Balaton “sea”. When blown up from the 35-mm negative, the detail got an out-of -focus, grainy quality. A terribly poor print quality so typical of socialist times was now used for an advertising attack that was supposed to attract millions to Czech cinemas at a time of uncompromising chintzy capitalism.

  • Client: THA
  • Designer: Aleš Najbrt
  • Cooperation: Martin Špelda (photo)
  • Font: Alternate Gothic, Clarendon
  • Type: Poster

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