The present revival of the traditional family glassworks in the city of Nižbor in the picaresque valley in Central Bohemia brings contemporary styling not only to new products but also the visual style of the brand. The redesign of the logo was primarily lead by the effort to preserve the spirit and story of the original 1901 logo with the bottle-opening stork, while at the same time satisfying the current demands for maximum readability even in small sizes, such as on screens, or when etching or engraving into glass. The original shape of the shield has been replaced by a more pleasant and simple oval, which coincides with the new collection of Rückl’s new artistic director Rony Plesl. While the linear bird retained elegant silhouette and the plug in its beak, the bottle of pharma glass disappeared from the logo together with its position of the company's main product. The black and white reproduces the color of the stork’s wings and is supplemented by light apricot.


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