All for One!

After more than 20 years of its existence, the Czech technology company SiteOne has decided to take a fundamental step in its visual communication. To meet this goal, we have prepared a new modular system based on the distinctive name (One), which is complemented by a simple morphology based on the square (Site) – pixel metaphor as the beginning of building digital projects. From this, other sub-brands are derived, which gives them their own identity and further supports the visual style of the whole company. The word One becomes the center of overal communication, offering a large number of combinations and short messages.

  • Client: SiteOne
  • Art director: Aleš Najbrt
  • Designer: Michael Dolejš
  • Cooperation: Marek Pistora (technical cooperation), Michal Nanoru (text)
  • Font: Inter
  • Type: Brand, Product

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