Sofee and the Gang

Sofee is sophisticated coffee that can be easily prepared by anyone anywhere. It is made from specialty coffee, it is cold-brewed and goes through several phases of filtration before being poured into plastic bottles. Caffeine lovers then dilute it with water or other beverages in a 1:3 ratio. Sofee is also our poster girl. First we came up with a name for her, and then we gave birth to this combination of Siri, a comic book heroine, and Léa Seydoux (No, Winona Ryder! No, Chloë Sevigny! No, Saoirse Ronan! The discussion was long.). A nice, bold, independent city girl. Martin Lacko drew the picture of her. Vendula Knopová took photos. Just wait for the gang.

  • Client: Ambiente
  • Designer: Andrea Vacovská, Michal Nanoru
  • Cooperation: Martin Lacko (illustrations), Michal Nanoru (naming and texts), Vendula Knopová (photo and illustrations)
  • Font: Nuckle
  • Type: Brand, Packaging

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