Studio Najbrt Basics

The exhibition in the Pilsen’s Gallery 13 traced the work of the studio on more than fifty examples, from Aleš Najbrt’s beginnings in the 1980s, through the foundation of the studio and the gradual promotion of the successor approaches of Zuzana Lednická or Marek Pistora. And it did so on white T-shirts with captions as tags in a boutique, illuminating the origins of the motifs you are supposed to wear on your chest. The catalog thus offered a rare opportunity to transfer complete texts from the exhibition to the brochure. The exhibited T-shirts would not fit there, so they were photographed on 56 personalities related to the studio. These include all its current members, as well as directors Ivan Zachariáš, Martin Krejčí, Tomáš Luňák, and David Ondříček, musicians Petr Marek and Robert Nebřenský, actors Jiří Bartoška and Jenovéfa Boková, artists Michal Cihlář and Jakub Matuška aka Masker or former director of the National Gallery in Prague Jiří Fajt. Concept and texts: Michal Nanoru, graphic design: Marek Pistora, Czech and English


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