Studio Najbrt: Workbooks

The exhibition at the International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2018, held on the basis of the award for lifelong contribution to graphic design, which Aleš Najbrt received in 2014, was accompanied by an intentionally unpretentious, small, open, and purposeful publication. Instead of a life’s oeuvre locked in a voluminous hardcover-monument with a spine man-spreading in the library, it brings a number of ever-amendable case studies that demonstrate the basic work practices and principles of the studio’s operation (Ostrava!!!, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, custom typefaces) as well as Aleš Najbrt’s lively side activities (Thomas & Ruhller). Then a coloring book revealing unrealized designs (there were not too many of those) and a general essay following the historical development from a solitary creator to the head of the studio today led together with Zuzana Lednická – a chapter to herself. Concepts and texts: Michal Nanoru, graphic design: Bohumil Vašák, Zuzana Lednická, Aleš Najbrt, Czech only


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