Wine Food Market

A simple cuisine that uses the finest ingredients. A shop that does not put itself in the spotlight but represents local Italian products. An owner, whose dream is to tell the story of the cheese from the mountains. Modest. That is why we approach the design like a discreet facelift of the original identity. The two squares in the logo shrunk to an ellipsis cut short by a butcher’s knife and the main characteristic became the typeface by Aleš Najbrt and Mark Pistora, which today is continuously supplemented by the work of the illustrator Nikola Hoření. In the catalogs, cookbooks, “zines” about the life of Italian farmers as well as in the four Prague and one London branch (The Italians in Chiswick), we develop the artisan style of store as a warehouse where instead of decorations you will find the highest quality by the smallest manufacturers.


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