Cooperation with the initiative of the seven key European documentary film festivals, Doc Alliance Films, started with printed materials, logo and visual style facelift, to come to "your online documentary cinema" with more than a thousand mostly European documents for viewing or download. Homepage welcomes visitors in their pajamas with a selection of moving sequences, which tell you straightaway about what goes on the site of the mysterious name dafilms.com. Then the task was relatively well-defined: to connect attractive appearance, two language versions, responsiveness with an extensive database of movies and to clear the way for subscription so that it’s easy for Katka, René, Irenka, Marcela, Mallory, Olga, Olda, Alda, Váňa, Věra 68 or even Jan Kříženecký to register. We recommend Nesvatbov, we designed the poster for it.

  • Client: Doc Alliance
  • Designer: Martin Vácha
  • Cooperation: Abuco ict (web development)
  • Font: Brauer, Helvetica Neue, Times
  • Type: Web

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