XVIth All-Sokol Slet 2018

Since its founding in the 1860s, the Sokol gymnastics movement was supposed to provide physical as well as moral and intellectual training for the nation. For this purpose, Sokol’s identity, especially on the occasion of its “slets”, massive gatherings and theatrical performances held every 6 years, was often put in the hands of prominent artists of its day. Inspired by this tradition we based the design of the official poster of the XVIth “slet” on the diagrams guiding the gymnasts with the help of dots, lines and arrows. The simple graphic depictions of complex choreographies reminded us of the elegant visual language of Bauhaus or the legendary Czech designer Ladislav Sutnar. The pre-war period and the importance of Sokol as a democratic institution, as well as the legacy of the aforementioned designers, seemed to answer well the nations current needs. A fact that we decided to highlight by more or less seriously used slogans.


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