Yedoo scooter rental at Designblok 2014: Two Years' Vacation Forever

"Get a scooter, kid! Scooter for the lady! Slow down round the church, and spare my hand!" Two years’ vacation forever. Prague was another cross on the infinite map of village greens, public pools, “samoobsluha’s” and fire ponds of raspberry fountain soda in beer mugs. Landscapes that avoided suffocation by the idyll of interlocking pavements and DIY-store life replacements. Yedoorental topmost stop: Designblok Superstudio Hra, Mikulandská 5, Prague 1. City of Prague on a scooter, different speed, different direction. The girls could break a leg, fathers bragged and a lady from Řásnovka took home three sacks of potatoes. When are you comin’ back, I'd tell neighbor, she said. My Míla used to drive an ambulance just like this... A few hundred people toured Designblok on the scooters and thousands of postcards, stickers and poster-maps with them. Everything to be found beautifully at


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