Yedoo Steel

Although the current alloys differ from the steel that gave rise to Steel City or the first skyscrapers, steel remains a symbol of energy, flexibility and practical indestructibility. But coffee mills have replaced steel mills nowadays, and the Steel line has emerged in the same way: redirecting the immense strength and flexibility of today's steel into comfort and leisure time. The bareness of Steel, originally a working title, and the code designation of the models that copies wheel sizes is reflected in the austerity and functionality of the line’s graphic design. It refers to stencils and “field” or factory marking stamped into the iron of airplanes and other machines. The basic colors accentuate earth tones in metallic versions. Along with the elegantly entangled “Picasso cubist” construction of the frame, the designs reach out to the stylish peeling-paint sceneries of revived factory sites and to a newly comfortable life that nostalgically returns into the landscape and the cities with industrial past. As always with Yedoo, apart from the graphics, we created a catalog for Steel – copywriting, photos, graphic design, print production, everything.



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