Zámek Žďár nad Sázavou

We had the pleasure to be in the rather early stages of a long string of international cooperation, that as in the old days brought creative elite of many fields to the UNESCO World Heitage site of the South Moravian domain. We recommended or collaborated with architects Roháč and Stratil, Space 8 and Inca, audiovisual bodies Pink Production and Loom on the Moon, director Tomáš Luňák, photographer Dušan Tománek, historian Pavel Kosatík (who turned the audio guide into a radio play), illustrators Veronika Vlková + Jan Šrámek and Alexey Klyuykov... and somewhere in the background constantly with the genius of Czech Baroque architect Jan Santini Aichel. His Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk at Zelená hora determined the shape of the Z in the logo and also the colors (orange, green, violet), through one of its stained glass. Respect to Santini’s legacy and the belief in the possibility of filling the centuries old buildings with new meanings led us to advise clients to retain the name “castle” (Zámek) even though it would in the future be used primarily as a diverse center of artistic life. Our logo, visual style, orientation system and exposition graphics for the multimedia Museum of the new generation, in which sensors monitor your movements and offer you content accordingly, are all based on simple premise: Santini meets future. 

  • Client: SE.S.TA
  • Art director: Bohumil Vašák
  • Designer: Bohumil Vašák, Marek Pistora, Ondřej Kahánek, Michal Nanoru
  • Cooperation: Pink Productions, Loom on the Moon (expozice), Roháč Stratil, Pig Images (architecture), Ateliér Flera (zahradní architektura), Dušan Tománek (photo), Veronika Vlková (illustrations), Alexey Klyuykov (illustrations), Jan Šrámek (illustrations)
  • Type: Brand, Exhibition, Exterior, Interior

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