The gallery institution Kunsthalle Praha started its operation with Kinetismus: 100 Years of Electricity in Art, a large multimedia exhibition which captures the development of art from the first artistic use of motorized movement and artificial light to information technologies and digital art today. For the visuals of the exhibition, we created a 3D interpretation of Male and Female Torso, the work of a visionary and key Czech artist Zdeněk Pešánek. The dematerialization and shift to the virtual world allowed us new views and animations of the originally purely physical model. The exhibition is divided into four parts: cinematography, kinetic art, cybernetic art and computer art. For easier orientation, we differentiated these categories with distinctive colours, following the main motif of the exhibition's visuals. The colour codes were then copied into the exhibition installation, the catalogue and the digital exhibition guide. In addition to a four-colour key, the exhibition catalogue works with black and white, the theme of light and darkness. The original Kunst Grid font created for the visual style of the Kunsthalle has been used here for the first time too.


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