Studio Najbrt is a leading Czech graphic design studio. It was founded in 1994 creating identities, publications, posters, books, exhibitions or websites and apps for domestic as well as international clients. The studio’s longtime collaborations with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the photographer Josef Koudelka, the Ambiente group, the City of Prague and many others established its bold and playful approach, decorating its imaginary mantelpiece with awards and features in publications from all over the world. “When I think about Studio Najbrt, the first idea that comes to my mind is fun,” wrote the design critic Rick Poynor in 2007 and to this day no one objected.

Photography: Shotby.us for DolceVita.cz

Work opportunities and internships

Are you a graphic designer, DTP operator or student? Are you interested in things and need to improve yourself? You certainly already have experience with Adobe graphic programs, 3D programs and website creation, everything else such as an overview of polygraphy and others are always an advantage. But approach is often more important than experience. There will be no shortage of you here.

We are always happy to look at your CV and portfolio, however short.

Write to studio@najbrt.cz


Olgoj Chorchoj (design)
Rony Plesl (design)
Milan Šemelák (brand strategy)
Unicorn Attacks (brand strategy)
Václav Jirásek (photo)
Dušan Tománek (photo)
Hana Knížová (photo)
Johana Pošová (photo)
Michal Šeba (photo)
Jiří Thýn (photo)
Jiří Hroník (photo)
Jakub Matuška aka Masker (illustration)
Nikola Logosová (illustration)
Michal Bačák (illustration)
Alexey Klyuykov (illustration)
Eva Maceková (illustration)
Martin Kubát (illustration)
Martin Lacko (illustration)
Magdaléna Rutová (illustration)
Marek Ehrenberger (illustration)
Kakalík (illustration)
Michal Cihlář (illustration)
Tomáš Brousil (typography)
Radek Sidun (typography)

Breezy (web development)
X Production (web development)
ManGoWeb (web development)
OptimWeb (web development)
Jan Činčera (design)
Lenka Míková (architecture)
Atelier PH5 (architecture)
Martin Chocholoušek (architecture)
Josef Pleskot (architecture)
Petr Krejčí (director)
Tomáš Luňák (director)
Martin Tvrdý (music)
Lucie Kutálková (Leeda) (costumes)
Tereza Bruthansová (curator)