Post Office: The Marylebone Greenwave

Cover of 180-gram 2LP and CD by English producers Eddie Stevens (Moloko, Freakpower, Zero 7, Róisín Murphy, Jana Kirschner) and Dan Darriba with vocal guest Sia Furler is based on the song Mr. Trebus. It follows infamous English hoarder of Polish origin Edmund Trebus. Objects from homes of art directors Zuzana Lednická and Michal Nanoru represent each of the seven songs. While the album follows the curve of life, things vary in the degree of insignificance. From birth represented by Zuzana's daughter Amelia’s magic crystal ball, to the torch from the estate eaten away by acid leaking from the batteries, family snaps, broken plastic cutlery, forever dry glue and non-sticky tape, to the dust in which thou return. Things that weren’t thrown away, a life that shrinks into the box and compulsive hoarding as a symptom of consumerist times. How fitting for the cover of a physical medium in the digital age.


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