Slanted Magazine #34

We’ve been asked by Slanted Magazine to contribute to their Europe issue. “We are inviting selected figures from all European countries—authors and journalists, illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers—to contribute with one unique text/artwork. We would like to invite you to create a poster with a personal comment, perspective, or feeling about EUROPE. We are striving towards a publication intended to be a plea for a vibrant and multi-faced Europe against the backdrop of an Europe of nations, right-wing populism, and selfish politics,” they wrote. Michal Nanoru and Marek Pistora heard their call and responded with The Final Countdown. “We are fans of EUrope. And we sincerely hope this is not its final countdown and we won’t have to leave for Venus because of nationalists spreading fear and hate or straight climate apartheid. (We also fear the lawyers of Europe, so thanks Joey Tempest!)”

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