Food enthusiasts will find the quarterly guide to the world of gastronomy in all of the Prague’s restaurants of the renowned Ambiente group. In the format of a folded poster, designed by Marek Pistora, with hungry photographers and illustrators and art direction of Michal Nanoru. And beginning with the fourth issue also online, in the format of your screen.

  • Client: Ambiente
  • Art director: Michal Nanoru, Marek Pistora
  • Designer: Marek Pistora, Michal Nanoru
  • Cooperation: Johana Pošová (photo), Dušan Tománek (photo), Václav Jirásek (photo), Michal Šeba (photo), Veronika Vlková (illustrations), Kateřina Kynclová (illustrations), Martin Kubát (illustrations), maestro katastrof (illustrations), Michal Bačák (illustrations), Kakalík (illustrations), Eva Maceková (illustrations), Chrudoš Valoušek (illustrations), Alžběta Skálová (ilustrations), Jan Vyčítal (illustrations), Martina Paukova (illustrations), Jarmila Mitríková a Dávid Demjanovič (illustrations), David Krňanský (illustrations), Jan Vytiska (illustrations), Erich Nivea Publishing (illustrations), Jindřich Janíček (illustrations), Martin Groch (illustrations), Parallel Practice (illustrations), Vendula Knopová (photo and illustrations), Kristýna Kulíková (illustrations), Jonatan Kuna (illustrations), We Give You Good (photo), Barbora Tögel (photo and illustrations), Patrik Antczak (illustrations), Vít Svoboda (illustrations), Milana Kasianova (illustrations), Michal Cihlář (illustrations), Kristýna Fingerland (illustrations)
  • Font: Brown, Knockout, Chronicle, Circular, GT America

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