Beata Hlavenková: Sně

The first album, where the jazz pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková presents herself as a singer and songwriter, contains exactly what its Czech name suggests – poems, songs and dreams. Hlavenková set to music the lyrics of poets Bohuslav Reynek, Petr Bokrovec and her frequent collaborator Dorota Barová, as well as some of her own. The concept of the visuals spread out on the cover of a CD (Animal Music), in a video, concert projections and on white and limited-edition transparent vinyl (Minority Records) follows a similar mix of patterns and imagination. Zuzana Lednická's pseudo-scientific romanticism and fascination with the aesthetics of graphs lets the sound of Hlavenková’s voice and piano and Oskar Török’s trumpet flash in the fingerboard like something between an encephalograph of a sleeping brain and Morse-coding stars.


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