Prague Sounds 2022–2023

Client: Struny podzimu,

Designer: Jonatan Kuna

Art director: Aleš Najbrt

DTP: Jiří Veselka

Production: Adéla Pěchočová

Font: Matter,

Type: Poster, Catalogue, Program,

Year: 2022

Year 2023

"The festival's dramaturgy draws on impulses across musical periods and genres to provide its audience with unique, intimate experiences in Prague's diverse festival venues. In its more than 25 years of existence, the festival has presented many iconic musical figures, but it also systematically introduces a new generation of artists, often in Czech premieres."

Spotlight Prague Sounds 2023

War Requiem

In the same year, Prague Sounds organized an extraordinary concert in support of Ukraine. Benjamin Britten's War Requiem was performed in the Vladislav Hall of Prague Castle and its performance was undertaken by conductor Lukáš Vasilek together with PKF – Prague Philharmonia, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Kiev Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonic Choir, Radost Prague Children's Choir and international soloists.

To unify with the main visual style of Prague Sound, we have created black and white signs with a war theme. As a complementary colour we chose grey-green.

"This event can be perceived not only as a memorial service for the victims of war, but also as an exceptionally impressive anti-war appeal, which will be enhanced by the unique setting and acoustics of the Vladislav Hall of Prague Castle – an exceptional concert of an exceptional work at an exceptional time."

Marek Vrabec
ředitel Prague Sounds

Year 2022

After twenty-five years, the Strings of Autumn music festival has finally changed its name to the international-sounding Prague Sounds, which better reflects the content of the festival. The style of the graphic design has also partially changed, which is more sound-oriented and works with illustrated letters that are inserted in the title and musicians names instead of some letters. The font Matter remains a solid foundation, as does the composition of the posters and the festival logo, which is now represented by the word Sounds instead of Strings.