House of Lobkowicz

The House of Lobkowicz company cares for the cultural heritage of Lobkowicz’s property and collections. The heraldic emblem – a new logo is based on the family coat of arms formed over seven centuries and thus proudly refers to its past. A careful study of the archive in Nelahozeves allowed us to penetrate its history, be inspired by the best work of the heralds of the time and transfer cracked paints on old parchments to the modern logo in a modern and sensitive way. A bison, an angel, stars with a trimount, a lion, stakes and eagles in the elegant shape of a pavis, crowned and framed by the Order of the Golden Fleece – in full-color, one-color and negative variants. Accompanied by a jewel of Czech typography, Crabath font. We share the past, we create the future.


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