Bjukitchen Breakfast

Simplified design of the original Bjukitchen cookbook for a series of thematic booklets. It starts, understandably, with breakfast. In this light version with baby on top, there is only one font and more realistic photos. The reality of the author, Bára Karpíšková aka Bjukitchen, is not just beautifully stylized meals and Prague bistros anymore, but also various combinations of dog and children and general mess in the kitchen. And bistros in Liberec. Chaos surrounding the child's birth is mirrored by the bouncing composition of texts that variously levitate on the pages as the only remaining designer’s play.

  • Designer: Zuzana Lednická
  • Cooperation: Kubo Križo (photo)
  • Font: Graphik, Organon
  • Type: Book

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