Cosy Dens

For a long time we intended to use a still photo from an amazing scene “Marshal Malinowski” where actor Miroslav Donutil breaths fire after drinking vodka and striking a match. However, director Hřebejk then came with the idea of using various widgets – inventions produced in countries of the then socialist block that play a key role in the film. He preferred building the posters on these objects rather than on actors. So we tried the brilliant invention of East German comrades – a plastic teaspoon that immediately melts when used to stir a cup of coffee in the film. We used it pre-deformation as an exclamation mark. The distributor was not excited but Ondřej Trojan, a start-up producer at the time, said he wanted a nice poster and that was it. And the next thing you know, a million people went to see the film even without actors on the poster. Well, things seem to work differently in this country. To this day, we keep hearing: Why don’t you do something like that spoon? That was a brilliant idea. What you are giving us now will only irritate people. The same words as before “Pelíšky”. Everybody is afraid to take a risk.

  • Client: THA
  • Designer: Aleš Najbrt
  • Cooperation: Adam Holý (photo)
  • Font: Eurostyle
  • Type: Poster

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