Gertrude Stein: The World is Round

With Getrude Stein (and despite all the flat-earthers), we claim that the World is Round! And it is also magical and colorful, because we replaced the black in the print with Pantone Reflex Blue. The patroness of the modernist avant-garde, literary experimenter and icon of the women's movement, Stein published her first book for children in 1939. It is now published for the first time in a Czech translation by Robin Král, with illustrations by Nikola Logosová, both of whom collaborated with Zuzana Lednická on the children’s history of medicine Pozor doktor! The book about a girl named Rose, her curiosity, cousin, dog Love, friendship and the world, which is round and therefore never ends, stands comparison with any of author's works for adults, testing the established formulas of language and life. For Rose is a Rose is a Rose.


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