Pilsner Lokál

Lokál, the Ambiente group’s ostalgic franchise opened its first restaurant outside of Prague in Pilsen. Since Honza Vyčítal, the famous Czech singer and cartoonist “insists that Patton liberated Pilsen” in his local hit and also has a demonstrable relationship to beer culture, we couldn’t reach for any another to decorate the restaurant’s typical faux-wooden paneling. Vyčítal’s tomcats, boobs, overbites and a certain “tramp” nobleness today remains as strong as his lines. Marek Pistora also immediately digitized the characteristic blocks of the old-timer’s lettering. And those cartoons... Our contribution to Pilsen, the European Capital of Culture 2015. Greenhorns, Vyčítal’s 50-year old country & western band, played the opening night, of course.