Along with a generational change that has moved streetwear into the main language of fashion, Footshop is growing from a domestic destination for sneakerheads to a head-to-toe brand for fashion victims, with an e-shop and brick-and-mortar stores in many parts of Europe. That's why we devised an open system that retains its roots in the street, in graffiti, rap, skate and sneaker cultures, but is elevating Footshop to a more premium sector. It was essential that the new brand worked in the digital sphere and as well as embossed in leather, and that it could be developed into a lively a visual style, used for example for increasingly interesting collaborations with global brands. The basic question was: What would Kanye do? He would do it himself and on the phone. With pen on a napkin. Fork on TV screen. Vetements scarf soaked in cough syrup – no doubt about that. He does not lack confidence. He would underline the spontaneity that the current digital immediacy places above perfection. Street smart audacity, with which you can strike through, tag narcissistically, but also create something new with a healthy dose of certain infantile optimism. Partly of your own – we are all used to customizing and algorithmically served personal playlists by now. However, an infinite number of logo lines ultimately find its foothold in the disciplined stability of the Foot Medium custom font. In the Foot Carbanica version, pre-made lines are easily applied in any document. But you should always be free to take a marker in hand and show us some fancy footwork.


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