U Kalendů

The U Kalendů pub has stood on the site of the no longer existing Podskalí, a timber-rafters’ village, since the beginning of the last century. Workers, rafters, ramblers and artists came here for good beer and fried loach. Today it serves fine food, great beer and bread is baked there in the bakery. Andrea Vacovská moved the circle above the U to the side and the logo gained additional meanings.

  • Client: Ambiente
  • Art director: Aleš Najbrt
  • Designer: Andrea Vacovská
  • Cooperation: Rudolf Netík (architecture), Daniel Plavečky (signpainter), Jakub Cabalka (application photography), Jan Zima (photo)
  • Font: Boing, GT Eesti Pro Display
  • Type: Interior, Exterior, Restaurant, Packaging, Brand, Web

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