Gregor Hildebrandt

A Blink of an Eye and the Years are Behind Us
Ein Wimpernschlag und hinter uns die Jahre
Jedno mávnutí řas, a za námi jsou léta

Kunsthalle Praha is launching a programme of solo exhibitions by prominent living artists. The largest exhibition of the works of the German artist Gregor Hildebrandt to date is also his first solo exhibition in the Czech Republic. Hildebrandt has been working with analogue audio carriers for more than twenty years. He creates his sculptures, installations and paintings from materials such as compression moulded vinyl, audiotapes on canvas or audio cassette tape cases. He draws inspiration from a number of literary, filmic, musical and architectural sources evoking collective and personal memories. The central works of the Prague exhibition became two main motifs of the exhibition's promotion: a sailboat with a sail woven from audiotapes and the detail of a sculpture created from vinyl records.

  • Client: Kunsthalle Praha
  • Designer: Zuzana Lednická, Andrea Vacovská
  • Cooperation: Studio Gregor Hildebrandt (exhibition architecture), Marek Pistora (typeface), Vojtěch Veškrna (photo documentation), Jan Malý (photo documentation), Jiří Veselka (photo)
  • Font: Custom, Suisse Intl
  • Type: Poster, Catalogue, Interior, Exterior, Exhibition, Gallery

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