The nobility cuisine, the freshest ingredients, snails, new meals every day, an experience of here and now, fleeting instants, thin air over the pot, a kitchen timer, as well as ordinary kitchen clocks, have all inspired the visual style and logo of the restaurant Kuchyň [kitchen]. During the day with a red seconds hand and overnight with yellow one. Kuchyň is a restaurant without a menu, where you choose using your nose and your eyes from what is warming the plate at the moment – mainly Czech classics made according to aristocratic recipes. It is located on the premises of the National Gallery in the classicist Salm Palace above the city, so golden Prague is at your feet. All that is missing is the princess and the dragon, but the Prague Castle is behind you, and the time’s almost up.

  • Client: Ambiente
  • Art director: Aleš Najbrt
  • Designer: Martin Vácha
  • Cooperation: Michael Dolejš (webdesign)
  • Font: Helvetica Neue
  • Type: Interior, Brand, Name, Exterior, Restaurant, Web, Poster

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