The only logo that we kept intact when redesigning all of the Ambiente group restaurants comes from a renowned Czech typographer František Štrom. But there’s more and more Lokál franchises opening around the country and with them came the need for a visual style and a principle of combination of maximum clear typography and illustrations in an open system that allows for development of local pubs basically anywhere. And for the restaurants’ traditional faux-wood paneling graffiti and printed and promotional materials, we choose the artists with both love and location on mind. Even before us it began with Maxim Velčovský in Dlouhááá Street, continued with our Bohumil Vašák at U Bílé Kuželky in Malá Strana and Martin Kubát U Zavadilů in Kunratice, Martin Fischer at Nad Stromovkou in Letná, Kakalík at Karlín’s Hamburk – all five in Prague – the Pilsen’s Pod Divadlem was freed by the legendary Jan Vyčítal, back in Prague Martin Groch raised the demons of Vinohrady and then ... coming soon.

  • Client: Ambiente
  • Designer: Pavel Lev, Martin Vácha, Michal Nanoru
  • Cooperation: Bohumil Vašák (illustrations), Maxim Velčovský (illustrations), Martin Kubát (illustrations), Martin Fischer (illustrations), Kakalík (illustrations), Jan Vyčítal (illustrations), Martin Groch (illustrations), Rudolf Brančovský (illustrations), Atelier PH5 (architecture)
  • Font: Apercu, Lokal Script
  • Type: Restaurant, Interior, Web

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